Mission and Vision


To establish education programs for children and adults on the importance of orchid species conservation and natural habitat conservation.
To establish a propagation program and laboratory for the reproduction of rare and endangered orchid species that will be shared with other conservation establishments and organizations around the globe.
To continually upgrade and add to the orchid species collection at the Muttart Conservatory.
To establish an endowment fund which will ensure the ongoing care and development of the orchid species collection for future generations to enjoy.
To participate in local and international orchid conservation programs and projects.


To establish and maintain a world renowned centre of excellence for the collection and protection of species orchids, while utilizing it for education, conservation, research, and propagation of rare or endangered species orchids

with the following objectives:


Conserve and protect rare and endangered species orchids from extinction.
Develop a species orchid seed bank to ensure availability for future generations.
Support and fund orchid conservation organizations, institutions, research and projects.
Encourage ethical and environmentally-friendly cultivation of orchid species.
Acquire rare and endangered orchid species legally to advance our collection.


Educate the public about environmental issues, and raise awareness about the adaptations and conditions necessary for the survival of species orchids in their natural environments.
Provide an educational resource for youth groups and school classes by encouraging hands-on experiences with our unique orchid collection.
Develop, train and support our members and volunteers.

Community Involvement:

Further our partnership with the Muttart Conservatory and the City of Edmonton.
Develop community partnerships with like-minded organizations and institutions.
Produce a variety of media to inform, promote and educate our volunteers, members, supporters, donors and the general public of our activities and accomplishments.
Pursue fund development projects, events and donations to further and develop our objectives.