The Orchid Species Preservation Foundation

We Foster Conservation

Protecting nature's species orchids, their habitats, pollinators and micro climates are our core values. Sharing our values and goals with others provides our energy, resources and accomplishments. Nature's beautiful orchid species are the result of an environment well cared for!

We Pursue Orchid Education

Using our living orchid collection, with it's unique species from around the world, we educate and promote awareness of the complexities and inter-dependancies of nature's organisms and the importance they play in maintaining a beautiful and healthy environment.

We Practice Community Participation

Getting communities, organizations and individuals involved, they help us move forward with the work it takes to run a productive volunteer organization in our technically complex world. This is essential to our success. It takes a diverse and talented community TEAM all working together!

We Are all Volunteers, Creating a "World Renowned Species Orchid Collection"

Our Orchid Collection is the heart and core of our non-profit foundation. It continues to grow and diversify thanks to our partners, supporters and donors! A special 'Thank You' to all the many volunteers who have contributed so much to our success over the last quarter century! Is it now your time to contribute your talents and skills in support of OSPF's future success?