OSPF Conservation Grant Application


To advance the conservation and preservation of orchids in every aspect, and advance the study of orchids in ways that support their conservation and preservation.


Applications are encouraged from individuals and groups who are doing work that advances the conservation and preservation of orchids with a particular emphasis on supporting the endemic species of Canada. Personnel associated with accredited institutions, such as colleges or universities, are eligible to apply, but such affiliation is not required. Support is available to applicants from around the world and is not restricted to individuals or institutions within Canada. Graduate students with conservation projects and/or interests are encouraged to apply. Travel expenses and salaries may be supported on a case-by-case basis. Membership in the OSPF is not required.

Amounts Awarded

Grants vary in amount, depending upon the needs and nature of the project.

  • funds will be issued in Canadian dollars
  • the average award is $CDN 2,000 per year but applications for grants exceeding this amount will be considered with a ceiling of $CDN 10,000
  • institutional overhead/indirect costs are not permitted

Matching Funds

Efforts to secure additional funds from other sources are encouraged. If you are currently receiving, have applied for, and/or have secured a grant for this specific project from another entity, please list that organization’s name and the amount of support being provided or requested.

Grant Duration

The duration of each grant depends upon the particular project. Funds for multi-year grants are paid in annual installments. The maximum duration of support awarded at any one time is 3 years.


Recipients must submit an article describing their work to be posted on the OSPF Website. It may either be a popular article suitable for a general audience or a scholarly article.

At the discretion of the OSPF Conservation Committee, project progress reports may be requested. The award letter will outline the required reporting expectations including any photographic requirements

Application Cycle

Application Period – Applications are considered once each year

Deadline for SubmissionApplicants Notified ByInitial Grant Monies DispersedInterim or Final Report DueContinuance Grant Dispersed
October 1December 1January 1November 15 following the award yearJanuary 15

If you have any questions, please contact the OSPF Conservation Committee. Completed grant applications with all related and requested materials should be submitted by e-mail as Word or pdf files to the Conservation Committee, ospf@orchidspsecies.ca

Application Form: Word Document      PDF Document