Starting in late 2022, the membership of the Orchid Species Preservation Foundation (OSPF) worked hard to transform the Feature Pyramid of the Muttart Conservatory into something never before seen, ‘Orchids through Time.

In collaboration with the Muttart Conservatory, ‘Orchids through Time’ was an exhibit like no other. This ten-week exhibition ran from September 2nd 2023 until November 19th 2023 at the beautiful Muttart Conservatory’s Feature Pyramid in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The OSPF hosted various programs and activities, such as talks on orchid conservation, classes on orchid potting, and building orchid terrariums. Three local artists from Edmonton sold amazing orchid paraphernalia, such as stained-glass flowers, garden poles and soaps. Additionally, there was an artist from Calgary offering hand-crafted orchid pots. OSPF sold plants and media. There was even an international vendor on one weekend to tempt the general public with select orchid species and hybrids from the tropics.