The Chinese Orchid Presentation

                                                                           Wenqing Perner





Wenqing Perner, the General Manager of Hengduan Mountains Biotechnology Ltd, was visiting Edmonton and giving a talk on her company, which was developed by her deceased husband. It was a very interesting story of the orchids of China, their role as source of funds for local citizens leading to the endangerment of native orchids in the natural environments.   The government has established protected natural areas to protect these national treasures, but illegal orchid extractions continue.

Mr. Perner, a native of Germany, negotiated with the government to establish a company to propagate these orchids, primarily cymbidiums, terrestrial cypripediums, phragmipediums and paphiopedilums.  Wenqing spoke passionately about the company’s success and how she has had to take over as the leader in promoting and marketing it’s remarkable orchids.  She had a wide variety of orchids for our members and local orchid growers to purchase as well as pick up their pre-orders.

OSPF acquired a number of flasks to complement our work in our propagation laboratory. We look forward to working with Wenqing in future and share information that will benefit both parties.

It was indeed a pleasure to host Wenqing Perner.  All those that attended the event were impressed with the information and plants supplied.