Sales Lists

The Orchids listed below are for sale on a ‘first come’ basis.

Shipping and handling costs are extra.

Payment in full must be recieved prior to shipping or pick up.

Shippings will not occur during ‘cold weather months’, normally October though March.

All OSPF Members in good standing receive a 15% discount off listed prices.

For more information or enquires contact:



Bifrenaria [Bif.] tetragonal $25.00

Brassia rex Sasaka. $30.00

Bulbophyllum [Bulb.] lasochilum $20.00

Cattleya [C.] percivaliana $25.00

Chysis [Chy.] brattishness $25.00

Coelogyne [Coel.] merrillii ‘Betty B’ $25.00

Coelogyne [Coel.] messengiana $25.00

Cuilauzinia pendular $20.00

Dendrobium [Den.] anosum $20.00

Dendrobium [Den.] chrysotoxum $30.00

Dendrobium [Den.]fimbriatum var. oculatum$25.00

Dendrobium [Den.] Jones $35.00

Dendrobium [Den.] kingianum $20.00

Dendrobium [Den.]nobile ‘Montrose’ $25.00

Eria [Er.] vitiate $25.00

Gongora truncata $25.00

Guarianthe [Gur.] skinneri $20.00

Guarianthe [Gur.] skinneri alba $25.00

Laelia [L.] anceps $25.00

Laelia [L.] autumnalis $20.00

Neolauchea pulchella $20.00

Pholidota imbracata $25.00

Pleurothallis restrepoides $10.00

Prosthechea [Psh.] vespa  (Anacheilium crassilabium) $25.00

Registered Hybrids

Acinata superba x [Stan nigra x Stan grandiflora] $30.00

Brassidium [Brsdm.] Solar Flares Kalapana HCC/AOS

Bms. Solar Flares (Bms. Aloha x Gom. Cloud Ears) $20.00

Cattlianthe [Ctt.] Molly Tyler

(Ctt. Mrs. W. N. Elkins x C. Leda (1900))

(Laeliocattleya [Lc.] Molly Tyler) $25.00