Vision & Mission

Our Vision

“To establish and maintain a world renowned center of excellence for a collection and protection of species orchids, while utilizing it for education, conservation, research, and propagation of endangered or rare orchid species”

With the following sets of objectives:


  • Conserve and protect rate and endangered species orchids from extinction;
  • Develop a species orchid seed bank to ensure availability for future generations;
  • Support and fund orchid conservation organizations, institutions, research and projects;
  • Encourage ethical and environmentally-friendly cultivation of orchid species; and
  • Legally acquire rare and endangered orchid species to advance our collection.


  • Educate the public about environmental issues and raise awareness about the adaptations and conditions necessary for the survival of species orchids in their natural environments;
  • Provide an educational resource for youth groups and school classes by encouraging hands-on experiences with our unique orchid collection; and
  • Develop, train and support our members and volunteers.

Community Involvement:

  • Further our partnership with the Muttart Conservatory and the City of Edmonton;
  • Develop community partnerships with like-minded organizations and institutions;
  • Produce a variety of media to inform, promote and educate our volunteers, members, supporters, donors and the general public of our activities and accomplishments; and
  • Pursue fund development projects, events and donations to pursue and develop our objectives.