Anacheilium radiatum

Nature’s Orchids

From pre dinosaur times has evolved the most unique and diverse plant form on earth: species orchids. Found on every continent of the globe except the arctic poles, natures orchids have evolved and adapted to the unique local environments in order to survive and multiply. Found growing high in tree tops, dry rocky outcrops, steamy jungles, cool mountain plateaus, frozen artic tundra and even underground. Orchid flowers range in size from that of a pinhead to that of a large melon. They come in all shapes, forms and colors of the rainbow

.12675A Caucaea sanguinolenta 12408C Pleurothallis ascera Dendrobium antennatum

Caucaea sanguinolenta                                  Pleurothallis ascera                                   Dendrobium antennatum

The evolutionary process for orchids has been very long and each species has had to adapt to a specific environmental habitat. Often found in just one valley or region on our globe, thousands of these unique and exotic treasures are easily threatened with extinction by the multitude of quickly changing environmental conditions today.

The survival of orchids in their native habitats ensures us that the many other plants, animals, insects and microbes are still present. The absence of orchids in a once habituated area is a red flag for us indicating that the entire eco system is endangered.

Beautifully flowering species orchids are nature’s colorful reward for an environment well cared for.